Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hi my name is Charlie

I’m 4 years old, and I’m a Lhasa Apso.

In December of 2006 I was rescued from very bad parents. My new parents are Lynn and Carol and they are the best, no matter what I do, they do not hit, kick, or throw me, they just love me. They always protect me from the things I am afraid of like big trucks and thunderstorms.

I have a big backyard that I play in. I like to run after the squirrels that eat the bird seed. I also have a new brother and sister. My brother name is Red and my sister name is Cinnamon.

My brother Red is a cat.

Red is about eight years old. We like to sleep on the bed together. I also play with Red outside in the backyard.

My sister Cinnamon is also a cat.

She is old about 15 years old and like to sleep a lot. I take care of her by not letting Red pick on her.

This is Red and me sleeping in the chair.

I will write more later about my life, family, friends, and the things I enjoy doing.